About Me

Hey! You’re here! YAY!!

Thanks for finding me, I really hope you enjoy reading my posts and hopefully you can take something away from them. But you’re on this page because you want to hear more about ME!

I live in Hamilton, New Zealand with my husband, Shane. We both love History and to travel, although I lag far behind Shane when it comes to both of those things! I have a BA in History – Shane has his Masters and is working towards his PhD at the moment which will take us across the world to England (his home, I’m a Kiwi through and through!) and a whole new set of adventures. Shane has also traveled far more extensively than I have and I am totes jelly I haven’t been to all the places he has been, but hey! I’ll get there!

I am very (kinda) organized and I love to plan, especially travel planning! I like building itineraries and researching different places to visit and what to do there. So! If you need any help planning your trip, please reach out and I would love to assist any way I can!

Now, you get to hear some random facts about me!

  • I love Harry Potter
  • I love animals, especially Black Panthers – they’re totally my spirit animals
  • I do cross stitch in my spare time (if I’m in the mood)
  • Love snorkeling, and I would love to finish my open waters someday too so I can go wreck diving
  • I like music and I like to sing and dance around my kitchen when I’m cooking
  • Which brings me to my next point – I don’t like cooking which is why I sing and dance around!
  • Ok wow! Can’t think of anything else! How boring am I?!

Comment below and introduce yourselves! Would love to hear some random facts about you 🙂

Chel xx