About Me

Hey! You’re here! YAY!!

Thanks for finding me, I really hope you enjoy reading my posts and hopefully you can take something away from them. But you’re on this page because you want to hear more about ME!

I live in Nottingham, England with my husband Shane but I’m a Kiwi girl born and bred. We both have a love of History and a passion to travel, hopefully living in England will make this a little easier for us now!

I have a BA in History while Shane has his Masters and is working towards his PhD at the moment and it is one of the things that drives us to travel the world and find new places to explore and learn about.

I am very (kinda) organized and I love to plan, especially travel planning! I like building itineraries and researching different places to visit and what to do there. So! If you need any help planning your trip, please reach out and I would love to assist any way I can!

Now, you get to hear some random facts about me!

  • I love Harry Potter
  • I love animals, especially Black Panthers – they’re totally my spirit animals
  • I do cross stitch in my spare time (if I’m in the mood)
  • Love snorkeling, and I would love to finish my open waters someday too so I can go wreck diving
  • I like music and I like to sing and dance around my kitchen when I’m cooking
  • Which brings me to my next point – I don’t like cooking which is why I sing and dance around!
  • Ok wow! Can’t think of anything else! How boring am I?!

Comment below and introduce yourselves! Would love to hear some random facts about you 🙂

Chel xx